Posted on Mar 8, 2023

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Common Symptoms of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by a variety of factors, such as injury, overuse, or underlying medical conditions. Here are some of the most common symptoms of hip pain:

-Pain in the groin area: This is a common symptom of hip pain and can be felt on one or both sides of the groin. The pain may be sharp or dull and can range from mild to severe.

-Stiffness: You may feel stiffness in your hip joint, which can make it difficult to move your leg. This can be especially noticeable in the morning or after sitting for long periods of time.

-Difficulty walking: Hip pain can make it difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time. You may also experience a limp or a change in the way you walk.

-Reduced range of motion: Hip pain can also limit your range of motion, making it difficult to perform daily activities such as bending over, sitting down, or getting up from a chair.

-Swelling and tenderness: Hip pain can cause swelling and tenderness around the hip joint. This can be a sign of inflammation or injury.

If you are experiencing hip pain, contact our Atlanta Chiropractic Clinic right away to schedule a free consultation to find out how the chiropractor can help reduce your pain.

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